What Benefits Can A Crystal Bracelet Give You?

Whatever you hope to achieve in the year ahead, there’s a crystal for attracting everything, from love and luck to power and strength.

Benefits of wearing a crystal bracelet include not only attracting more luck into your life, but having a stylish piece of jewellery that looks good on any occasion. Crystal bracelets never go out of style, having first risen to popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s.

The Holistic Hamper loves helping you find the ideal crystal bracelet for fulfilling your unique dreams, hopes and desires. Our bracelets are made using unique materials like Malachite, Crazy, Lapis Lazuli, Madagascar Rose Quartz, Ocean Jasper, and many more. They’re combined with sterling silver to create high quality, long lasting designs.

All bracelets come with a crystal information card so you’ll know what qualities each stone has.

Our sterling silver and crystal bracelets make wonderful gifts for any loved-one or treating yourself this winter.

Benefits can include attracting more romance into your life, as with Madagascar Rose Quartz which has gorgeous soft pink-rose hues. If you felt lonely this Valentine’s Day, this is a lovely treat for raising your spirits.

This type of crystal is said to attract unconditional love, self love and love for others, along with encouraging romance and harmonious relationships. It’s also believed to be a healing stone during times of sorrow, loss or depression, helping to calm the mind.

All of our jewellery pieces are made in-house in our workshop in the UK.

For more about the benefits of our crystal bracelets, explore our latest collection today.