Premium Handmade Crystal Jewellery Delivered Throughout The UK

Crystals both make fantastic presents for all life’s occasions and help us focus on meditation, self-healing and our well-being.

There is a crystal for all situations in life, whether you’re looking to welcome more romance or excitement, want to boost your wellbeing during pregnancy, or reduce feelings of anger and stress.

From handcrafted bracelets and necklaces to tumblestones, The Holistic Hamper creates gifts for all kinds of special occasions, including Father’s Day. Whether you’re looking to buy a present for someone’s upcoming graduation or wedding, you’ll find a vast array of handmade crystal jewellery to choose from at The Holistic Hamper.

We deliver gorgeous crystal jewellery to customers across the UK

Our crystal products are ideal if you’re interested in alternative therapies. If, like our founder Sally, you’re going on an individual journey of discovery, crystals can make it a lot more enjoyable. 

Among our crystal jewellery are Zodiac Bracelets which are made using a variety of gemstones. Every single bracelet has been designed in house to include crystals that reflect light on your inner world, allowing for deeper self-exploration and greater clarity. 

We have every single Zodiac sign available, including Taurus and Gemini which are the signs enjoying their birthday in the weeks ahead. 

Our Gemini Birth Sign Bracelet is made using such gemstones as Apatite, Tigers Eye, Citrine and Moonstone. It’s designed specifically to support someone born during the astrological star sign of Gemini.

Check out our collection of handmade crystal jewellery or get in touch for more information.