Natural Crystal Tumblestones

Discover the benefits of using natural crystal tumbled stones

A large selection of crystal tumble stones, these precious, natural gemstone have been used for centuries to provide therapy and support in healing physically, mentally and emotionally. Natural crystal tumblestones are growing in popularity as an alternative method of meditation and energy healing. Learn all about these calming crystals gemstones and how their properties could benefit your relaxation and wellbeing.

How do I use my crystal tumble stones?

For further information on using and selecting crystals refer to our information pages.

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To utilise crystal tumblestones for energy healing, it's important to select the right stones for your needs. Start by learning the properties of various crystals, such as quartz, amethyst, and jasper, and selecting those that are associated with the type of energy healing you’re looking for. Each type of stone has its own specific vibration that resonates with different parts of the body and mind. Make sure you purchase natural tumblestones from reputable suppliers, try to avoid chemically coloured or heat treated stones.

We have an extensive selection of the highest quality healing tumblestones each offering characteristics to support a range of emotional disorders, characteristics and issues as well as health conditions.  Offering individual tumble stones allows customers to pick crystals based upon need or to choose desirable tumblestones to add to their gemstone cluster.  

Each customer order is presented in a single organza bag that comes complete with a printed information card that provides details on the properties of each crystal.