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Shop Now: Exquisite Crystals & Bracelets, New at The Holistic Hamper

Crystal items that are recent additions to our UK shop.  This includes new designs and recent purchases that are now part of our crystals collection. These beautiful pieces will appeal to many of our visitors and could  be added to your own cluster of meditation, spiritual and noteworthy pieces within 48 hours.

Each of our bracelets are designed and hand made  by Sally at The Holistic Hamper, each is lovingly crafted and made to measure. Our crstal items are made to last, each crystals is hand picked and checked before use.

We hope that you will love these items and join other loyal and repeat customers.  We are confident that your purchases will be a beautiful addition to your collection no matter where you are on your crystal journey.  Should you require any assistance please contact us.

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