Libra Birthstone Crystal Bracelet by Sally at Holistic Hamper Crystals

Code libbracelet23
Handmade Crystal Bracelet Multi-Buy Cash Discount

Purchase any 2 crystal healing bracelets and receive £7.50Discount at Check Out. Offer ends July 20th. (Excludes crystal chip bracelets and silver/crystal bracelets)

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Code libbracelet23
Handmade Crystal Bracelet Multi-Buy Cash Discount

Purchase any 2 crystal healing bracelets and receive £7.50Discount at Check Out. Offer ends July 20th. (Excludes crystal chip bracelets and silver/crystal bracelets)


    Libra Zodiac Crystal Bracelet

    Libra Crystal Bracelet, a blend of vibrant gemstones carefully curated for those born under the sign of the scales. handcrafted with a harmonious combination of pink tourmaline, citrine, blue tigers eye, clear quartz, and lapis lazuli, each stone infused with its unique healing properties to align with the Libran personality.


    Pink Tourmaline: inner harmony and emotional balance with the calming energy of pink tourmaline. This heart-opening stone promotes self-love, compassion, and emotional resilience, fostering a sense of peace and stability.

    Citrine: Radiate optimism, confidence, and creativity with the vibrant energy of citrine. This sunshine stone is known to boost self-esteem, amplify creativity, and attract abundance.


    Blue Tigers Eye: Sharpen your intuition, enhance communication, and inner strength with empowering blue tigers eye. Stimulate clarity of thought, promote assertive communication, and nurture personal power, to express themselves with confidence and authenticity.


    Clear Quartz: connect to your higher self and unleash your full potential with the pure energy of clear quartz. This master healer resonates with all chakras, promoting clarity, focus, and spiritual growth.


    Lapis Lazuli: wisdom, intuition, and open communication with the serene energy of lapis lazuli. This celestial stone is known to awaken the third eye, enhancing psychic abilities, encouraging deep introspection, and nurture relationships.


    Let the healing energies of these precious stones harmonise with your Libran spirit, promoting balance, harmony, and personal growth. 

    The beads in this design are intentionally placed in a random pattern so that different wrist sizings do not suffer from sequence issues.  There is also a crystal set for libra available here

    • 8mm genuine gemstones of citrine, lapis lazuli, clear quartz, pink tourmaline & blue tigers eye
    • Handcrafted with love and intention
    • Supplied in branded gift box with crystal properties card

    Optional extras: 

    • Happiness Essential Oil Blend 10ml 
    • Energise Essential Oil Blend 10ml

    Order Your Libra Zodiac Crystal Bracelet Today

    Our bracelets are designed in house and hand made here at our workshop in the UK, each bracelet is made to order with a strong stretch thread for durability.  

    Please ensure that you measure your wrist correctly using the guidance in our Wrist Measurement Guide to ensure the right comfort fit for your crystal bracelet.

    • All of our crystal bracelets are hand made to the wrist measurements you supply. For the correct comfort fitting ensure that the wrist is measured using the guidance in our Wrist Measurement Guide.   This will ensure the right fit for the crystal bracelet, our method of building your bracelet ensures it is sized with a little extra to allow you to easily roll it on & off.

    • Our bracelets are constructed with special purpose elastic thread, manufactured for strength and longevity  when used with beaded bracelets. 

    • To prolong the life of your bracelet please roll it on & off and keep it out of water if possible.

    • Should you require a bracelet size larger than the 20cm option shown below, get in touch and we will confirm any uplift in the standard price due to additional construction time and extra crystals.

    Important information

    Crystals will arrive cleansed and ready for you to set any intentions you wish of them, a brief description of each crystal and it’s properties will be provided.  The exact size and colour of each crystal will vary due to natural variations.

    The above descriptions are not a promise of a cure but are just a description of traditional use and my understanding of these crystals.  Crystal use should not be used an alternative to seeking a professional medical opinion.  Choking hazard, keep out of the reach of children.

    Do not take internally - Gemstone beads, crystals and essential oils contain naturally derived properties which can become toxic if ingested, therefore do not place in the mouth & do not swallow.  Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs.

    It is recommended that you keep your crystals dry. After cleansing and cleaning your crystals should be gently patted and allowed to dry before wearing on the skin.

    1. The photo’s used on our web shop were taken by the owner on a mobile phone, they have not been digitally enhanced or professionally edited.  Being made of natural minerals, formed thousands of year ago, and with each crystal being struck from a different strata or layer there will be some slight colour variations, size, clarity and surface texture between each piece we purchase  and then sell and those shown in our photo’s. 

    The images shown adjacent are an unequivocal representations of the items your will receive in your order.  We cannot guarantee the exact shape, size, colour or surface texture but they will be of the same quality and value for money. Our beaded crystal bracelets are made with  8mm beads unless stated otherwise, our crystal sets use medium sized crystal that on average are 20-40mm across unless stated other wise.  If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase please give us the opportunity make thing right by corresponding with us via the ‘contact us’ form at the foot of the page.


    Deliveries, Returns and Refunds

    • For further information relating to deliveries please refer to the following section Delivery Information.

    • In the rare event that there is a problem with your product we ask that you make contact with us in the first instance.  The "contact us" page is available from the header and footer of each page or just click directly on this link Contact Us.

    • For information on returns and refunds please refer to the following section Returns and Refunds Policy.
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