Labradorite Crystal Tower Obelisk

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    Labradorite Crystal Tower

    Labradorite crystal tower, known for its iridescent flash and captivating colours, offers more than just visual wonder. Labradorite is said to act as a shielding force, guarding against negativity of all kinds and promoting emotional, physical, and spiritual balance.


    Here's how Labradorite can empower you:

    Protection & Grounding: Shrouds your aura in a protective shield, deflecting negativity and promoting emotional stability.

    Transformation & Growth: Encourages the release of limiting patterns and negative beliefs, paving the way for personal growth and positive change.

    Stress & Anxiety Relief: Calms an overactive mind, reduces stress, and soothes anxious feelings, promoting inner peace and serenity. 

    Digestive & Pain Relief: May aid digestion, metabolism, and provide comfort during menstruation or pain episodes.

    Overall Wellness: May help manage blood pressure, improve sensitivity to cold, and alleviate symptoms of rheumatism and gout.


    Each crystal obelisk is unique, showcasing the wonderful flash of colour that makes Labradorite so special. Hold it close and let its energy wash over you.

    You will receive:

    • 1 x Labradorite crystal tower
    • 1 x Crystal properties card
    • 1 x Crystal care card

    Important information

    Crystals will arrive cleansed and ready for you to set any intentions you wish of them, a brief description of each crystal and it’s properties will be provided.  The exact size and colour of each crystal will vary due to natural variations

    The above descriptions are not a promise of a cure but are just a description of traditional use and my understanding of these crystals.  Crystal use should not be used an alternative to seeking a professional medical opinion.  Choking hazard, keep out of the reach of children.

    Do not take internally - Gemstone beads, crystals and essential oils contain naturally derived properties which can become toxic if ingested, therefore do not place in the mouth & do not swallow.  Discontinue use immediately if skin irritation occurs

    It is recommended that you keep your crystals dry. After cleansing and cleaning your crystals should be gently patted and allowed to dry before wearing on the skin


    Deliveries, Returns and Refunds

    • For further information relating to deliveries please refer to the following section Delivery Information.

    • In the rare event that there is a problem with your product we ask that you make contact with us in the first instance.  The "contact us" page is available from the header and footer of each page or just click directly on this link Contact Us.

    • For information on returns and refunds please refer to the following section Returns and Refunds Policy.
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