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Hand-made jewellery - crystal gemstone bracelets

Our contemporary range crystal gemstone bracelets make ideal jewellery for men, women, boys and girls. The bracelets designs and crystal properties are carefully researched and developed in-house; they are lovingly made by hand here in the UK using natural 8mm gemstones, each piece of jewellery is hand made to the size specified in your order. We have a range of over 35 different beaded bracelets that tap into the crystals energies to support and help you achieve for example: health, happiness, wealth, success etc. In addition there are as zodiac and birth star sign based bracelets.

We can also offer a bespoke jewellery bracelet design service that provides a 1:1 consultation to discuss your crystal support needs and to design several custom bracelet options for your choice of a hand made custom crystal bracelet.

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