Bespoke Crystal Design Service

Crystal Consultation and Bespoke Design Service

My love of crystals and jewellery design was a key reason for creating The Holistic Hamper, it has provided me with the opportunity to share beliefs, knowledge of jewellery and healing crystals bringing together the form, energies and the wellbeing properties that, for centuries, have been used by many cultures.

The bracelet and crystal sets shown on my website have been designed in-house and then handmade at The Holistic Hamper workshops in Lincoln. By developing my own designs allows me to fully research and to then bring together unique groups of crystals in the form of bracelets and crystal sets to meet specific set of emotional and physical needs.  

If you would like more information, have any questions or ideas on what you require from my crystal consultation service please give me a call or drop me an email (for an initial discussion) via our contact page.  My consultation slots are charged at £50 per hour, typically most session will take 30 minutes discussion, after which I will supply a couple of design options (and supply prices) in your preference of a bracelet or tumble stone set.  There is no obligation to purchase a bracelet or tumble stone set but I do need to recover my costs with a charge for the one-to-one discussions and the design time.  When you are happy to engage on this consultation process and payment has been received I'll arrange a convenient time to confidentially discuss your needs. 

Tumble Stone Sets and Crystal Bracelets

The above covers the cost of the consultation and design only.  The price to purchase the tumble stone sets or bracelets cannot be determined at this stage, but typically a bespoke design will be in the range of £55.00 - £90.00.  The crystal beads and tumble stones that I have available vary considerably in cost, the custom designs that I produce includes a quote for the total cost (as required a hand made bracelet or crystal tumblestones, any charms, essential oils and postage).