Embrace well-being nature's silent guides - crystals from The Holistic Hamper

Our online shop contains natural crystals and guidance on everything you need for your crystal journey. Explore the world of healing crystals, embrace our handmade gemstone bracelets, crystal sets, wellbeing sets and tumblestones at The Holistic Hamper. 

For more information on selecting crystals and using crystals refer to our blog.


We hold UK stocks of natural crystals from a network of world-wide suppliers. Allowing you to quickly start your journey into crystal collection, therapy, meditation and healing, to discover the power and properties of these unique stones. Our store includes crystal healing gift sets, polished crystal tumblestones, rough or raw crystals,  spheres, hearts, wands, towers, points, pyramids, a variety of carved crystal and animal shapes. Typically our sets consist of 6 large, quality crystal gemstone, if you can't find your crystal delight please get in touch, we regularly order from our suppliers and we may be able to assist with items not yet listed on our web site. We also offer a bespoke crystal healing design service as well as in-house designed and handmade gemstone bracelets.