Crystal Sizing

Our experience of crystals and gemstones has taught us that customers want quality and value for money. When buying online they want to know that "what they see is what they get" we call that "trust'. The images we have in our shop represent the sizing, quantity, clarity and colour of the stones we deliver to our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of craftsmanship and materials we use and want you to be delighted with your purchases. Working remotely our measure of our success is receiving your feed back, normally it's positive but very occasionally a customer is not happy, when this happens we review carefully the comment to understand why, and we will do our very best to make things right, not only for that particular customer but for any customer making the same purchase in the future.

Like any other retail organisation our business success is built on creating a happy customer; meeting your expectations, providing helpful and responsive customer service which leads to a great purchasing experience, which will hopefully to lead to a referral and/or a repeat purchase.  Therefore  we:-

  • photograph the crystals ourselves
  • provide clear descriptions of the items
  • regularly update images with new deliveries
  • accurately represent crystal sizes so that your expectation are met

Obviously, you can get a feel for the clarity, texture and colour from a photograph but physical size is difficult to gauge. We have noticed that some of online shops don't even list the sizes of their crystal - ask yourself why would they do that?  How do you know what you are going to get?  Some would call it 'pot luck'.

The Holistic Hamper has a couple offers sets which are a random selection one of which is  our "Lucky Dip Set".  Our owner and designer picks a collection of stones based upon the vibes generated by your order.  A lovely gift and a fantastic surprise when you open the package and see what beauties have been picked for you - but our descriptions still inform your of the size and number of crystals. In this instance 10 tumble stones size 10mm-20mm. This set made up of smaller stones, which reflects in the lower price, maximise size of a Crystal is that of of a 1p coin.

The following images are included to provide a representation of the sizes of crystal you will receive,  obviously polished gemstones and crystals will vary in size and thickness but if we say 20mm-30mm the item received will fall in to that size range.

The diameter of a 5p coin is  19mm.

The diameter of a 1p coin is 20.3mm.

The diameter of a 2p coin is 25.9mm.

10p coin sizeThe diameter of a 10p coin is 23.4mm

20p coin sizeThe diameter of a 20p coin is 21.4mm

50p coin sizeThe diameter of a 50p coin is 27.3mm

£1 pound coin sizeThe diameter  of a £1  coin is 23.4mm

£2.00 coin size The diameter of a £2 coin is 28.4mm