Rose Quartz a beginners crystal!

Rose Quartz a beginners crystal!

Rose QuartzWhat is a good beginners crystal? 

It’s a question lots of customers ask me and my answer is always try Rose Quartz! It’s a really good starter crystal that won’t break the bank and is so wonderful at giving back love to the owner.

Rose Quartz is stone of unconditional love and is said to bring inner healing and peace. It helps to restore relationships, soothes the heart during grief as well as encouraging self love and acceptance. Rose Quartz is also fantastic for attracting new love and friendships into your life and creating harmony in the home. 

We have this gorgeous stone in many shapes including tumble stones, hearts and super cute rabbits which have just arrived! They also feature in many of our crystal gift sets, zodiac crystal sets, crystal healing gift sets and tailor made healing bracelets. You can find all our Rose Quartz stones, crystal gift sets and bracelets here. So spread love and peace with Rose Quartz.

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