Wellbeing Retreat & The Holistic Hamper Crystals Working Together

Wellbeing Retreat & The Holistic Hamper Crystals Working Together

Hi Everyone,

Recently I've been working with a wonderful local wellness retreat called Purusha based in Wellingore, Lincolnshire.   They run some amazing wellbeing residential experiences, including the most recent, Crystals, Creativity & Calm which concluded only yesterday.  Here's a little bit about them, from the owner Katie and how to get in touch if you're interested in joining them for some peace and tranquility.

How would you describe Purusha?

Purusha is a tranquil place. The natural surroundings allow the mind to wander and reset. It allows you to put your day behind you and just be. Purusha is so much more than a venue, it has a spirit and a heart, it's a place that you can be your authentic self without judgement. Our aim is to create a friendly environment that embraces you as part of our family. The guests that come to Purusha often become friends and say that when they reach Purusha and turn into our tree-lined driveway, it feels like coming home.

What was the inspiration for creating Purusha?

Our family farm is the heart and soul of Purusha. As a family we have been working for years to create an environment that is as environmentally friendly as possible. 20 years ago my dad planted hundreds of trees and my brother passionately brought in environmentally friendly farming practices before subsidies, before this was even a thing. So as you can imagine today, the farm is teaming with wildlife and has provided a beautiful setting for people to relax and rejuvenate.

My sister-in-law trained as a yoga teacher and felt the beautiful surroundings would enhance Yoga practice. My husband, Jon and I are passionate about people. We love to support people in their journey to fulfil their potential. Having suffered with mental health problems myself, I am also very passionate about people’s well-being and strongly believe that creating a safe space for people to experiment, create and feel supported on their journey through life is valuable. I've always felt so privileged to be brought up in a loving family and feel very fortunate that I have the opportunity to share this beautiful space with others and embrace them as part of our family. Creativity is a huge part of my life and Purusha is always evolving, each space provokes ideas for different creative opportunities, enhancing the surroundings and encouraging each guest to open up their mind to new adventures.

How many retreat guests can you cater for?

Each of our seven woodland glamping domes sleep two and so we have space for 14 guests. Plus we have a private flat for two. This is often used by our retreat leaders to relax and unwind at the end of their busy day hosting here.

What effect does your rural location have on those who stay with you?

Our rural location really allows people to get away from the everyday. Being surrounded by nature calms the brain and grounds one physically and spiritually. Time here is restorative and allows people to return to their everyday lives, feeling refreshed,

rejuvenated and ready to face whatever life throws at them with new vision and enthusiasm.

Tell me a little about the activities that take place at Purusha

We have such a broad spectrum of retreats at Purusha, there's really something for everyone. Fitness and health, retreats, Yoga, Breathwork, printmaking, cooking, demonstrations, body, image, flower therapy, the list goes on.

Couples can also have their wedding celebrations and blessings at Purusha. We tend to attract couple who are looking for something unique, intimate and those planning a day that reflects a love of nature and respect for the planet. Celebrations with friends and family are also part of a Purusha is ethos of bringing people together to strengthen relationships and reconnect.

Companies also love our site for workshops and business events it s a great place to strengthen bonds with colleagues, think creatively, relax and rejuvenate with the goal to help teams to work productively by allowing time out of their working day creating a healthy and happy work environment.

What events do you have coming up?

September is full month with glamping weekends, some wonderful Yoga retreats, Breathwork ceremonies and our very special Crystal, Creativity and Calm retreat. You can find the full programme on our What’s on page.

What do past guests have to say about their experience

We try really had to make our guests’ stay with us relaxing and restorative as possible and try to think of every little detail to make it a wonderful experience. We’re so blessed to have some lovely feedback about the site and I think guests really enjoy the space and rural tranquility knowing we’re a sustainable venue. One lovely guest said that “Purusha is more than just a glamping experience, but a yoga retreat venue of dreams” which made my heart sing!

How can people find you?

You can discover more about Purusha at www.purusharetreats.com and you’ll find us on Instagram and Facebook too where we share lots of news about the site and the events and workshops we have coming up.

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