Introduction to Serpentine, Meaning, Properties and Uses

Introduction to Serpentine, Meaning, Properties and Uses

SerpentineBeautiful green serpentine (new jade) tumble stones often said to bring balance to emotions, correcting any imbalance, which in turn lets you feel more in control of your life. Great for physical wellbeing stabilising your energy with mother earth, new jade is a very spiritual stone protecting you from psychic attacks and negative energy.  

Serpentine is said to enable a tranquil mood with that helping to ease feelings of depression, especially when you feel stuck.  Serpentine crystal has long be associated with protection from infections and bites.  

New jade is strongly connected to Kundalini energy which a strong life force energy which rises up the spine when you work with serpentine cleansing all chakras as it progresses opening your mind to higher planes.

  • Chakra - All
  • Zodiac - All
  • Elements - Earth, Wind

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