8 Amazing Crystals for Self Care & Healing

8 Amazing Crystals for Self Care & Healing

I don't know about you but something I'm not the best at is making time for self care, by that I mean spending time on me and my mental happiness.  As you can imagine starting and running a business is very busy and time consuming and I just forget that I need time to recharge and give myself some love.  It's something I've been working on. 

With that in mind I thought id give you my top eight self care crystals to look after you.  I think of self care as both mental and physical and of course eating correctly, moving, socialising and accepting love are all important but in this crystal blog im focusing on what crystals might be helpful to give yourself time to heal, strengthen and thrive.

Crystals for Self Care & Healing

My top crystals for self care:

  1. Citrine - let sunny happiness in
  2. Rose Quartz - Love yourself everyday
  3. Aventurine - wellbeing and happiness
  4. Smoky Quartz - fosters stability and balance
  5. Rhodochrosite - Emotional healing, positive people only
  6. Carnelian - Self Confidence and esteem
  7. Amethyst - Spiritual love and healing
  8. Amazonite - Feel empowered

I could list more but these have become my quick crystals for a little peaceful mediation time or a wind down bath.


A fantastic pick me up citrine harnesses a bright and warm energy chasing away any negative energy that surrounds you replacing it with happiness, joy and positivity.  Citrine is also known for its ability to attract prosperity, creativity and success.  So when you're feeling a little low or lacking get up and go, hold onto citrine for a boost.  Place a piece of citrine on your solar plexus to manifest happiness and prosperity.  Place a piece under your pillow to aid you in finding your boundaries. Citrine tumblestones & Real Citrine

Rose Quartz

The ultimate beginner crystal, rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love for others and also yourself.  A wonderful stone for emotional healing, rose quartz promotes joy, fosters faith and strengths hope for a happy future, overcoming fear instilling peace and calm.  Place on the heart chakra to heal the heart or within the home to encourage a loving environment. Rose quartz pocket heart

rose quartz


Available in many colours aventurine is often called the crystal of personal growth with its ability to bring positivity and soothing energy into your daily life allowing you to feel happy, confident and clear headed.  Aventurine is the stone of health, wellbeing and happiness, assisting you in releasing you from any unhealthy attachments and relationships whilst reducing feelings of stress and anxiety.  Hold a piece of aventurine in your receiving non dominant hand to welcome new friendships into your life.  Green Aventurine chip braceletAventurine tumblestone

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz crystal is a power stone for protection, a strong detoxifier it removes negative or toxic energy from its surroundings.  A wonderful stone for bring a sense of stability reducing feelings of stress, depression, fear or jealousy.  Mentally, smoky quartz aids focus, concentration and helps to sustain energy levels throughout a busy day.  Place a piece on your root chakra to promote emotional balance and calmness, increase passion and promote a zest for life.  


Quite an expensive and highly prized stone rhodochrosite crystal carries a loving vibration, said to encourage personal growth and balance, it helps you to confront your fears and remove any negative patterns or people from your life.  Place a piece on your heart chakra to promote unconditional love and acceptance of oneself.  Foster love and forgiveness on all levels with rhodochrosite. 


If you need a little energy a boost or spark of fire then carnelian crystal is the one to assist.  With a powerful energy of strength and stability its known to increase vitality for life and bring courage to tough moments along with a deep sense of warmth, happiness and wellbeing.  The energy stone it helps to eliminate emotional fatigue whilst encouraging you to feel more inspired and energised throughout the day.  Bring back the passion for life and positivity with carnelian stone.  Confidence BraceletCarnelian Chip Bracelet



With its high spiritual vibration amethyst has been admired for centuries for its powerful healing and cleansing abilities.  Particularly known for calming the mind and providing relief from anxiety and depression, a fantastic stone to find your balance and peace.  Can be used in an elixir to calm nerves during stressful times or events. Connects you to your spirit and higher self and supports connection to the higher realm. Puff hearts


Named after the amazon river amazonite possesses a soothing and calming energy.  A useful stone for magnifying intentions during meditation amazonite is often prized for cleansing and purifying any negative energy within. An excellent crystal for the throat and heart chakra amazonite is a stone of truth it will bring honest and open communication and self expression to all aspects of life.  Manifest abundance and good fortune with amazonite crystal.  Amazonite tumblestones

Please enjoy your crystals and explore many of the ways you can incorporate crystals into your self care practices including, creating a self care crystal grid, using them within meditation and chakra balancing, reiki, crystal therapy, crystal elixirs, placing them in your home and carrying them on your person to name a few.

As always crystals should never be chosen above seeing your medical practitioner for any ongoing concerns that you have. 

Sally X

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