Sagittarius crystals

Sagittarius crystals

Sagittarius Crystals

Sagittarius Crystals


As we head towards mid November, the star sign of Sagittarius takes centre stage. For those who are born between November 22 and December 21 have a birthday on the horizon. Sagittarians are explorers, often described as free spirits, they love nothing better than to travel, try new things and experience exciting adventure whenever they can.  Often the most charismatic, chatty and funny person in the room they are optimistic, open minded and value freedom. The flip side to some of this of course is that they can flit from one idea to another without settling and committing to one, they can find it difficult to stay in one place or one job for a longer period and for some, long term relationships can be a challenge.


Sagittarians want to know everything, the bigger picture, the next big thing and this can sometimes mean they miss all the small little important things that bring simple joy to our lives. They have high standards that is wonderful for the world of work but sometimes can leave them coming across as dismissive and a bit arrogant. 


Sagittarians are unapologetically honest, open minded and non-judgemental. Something I love about them is that they are a loyal friend and will always be on your side. Often three steps ahead of others, they are witty, confident and charming and respond well to a partner who can keep up both on an intellectual and comic level.  Give them space to feel free and having a Sagittarius as a partner will be an exciting rollercoaster of a ride.


So saying all of that, what crystals would be fantastic for a Sagittarius?  Heres my top 9


Citrine  Strengthens the positive side of a Sagittarian, bringing a childlike joy to life. Promotes motivation, abundance & creativity.


Bronzite – Wonderful grounding energy, known as the stone of focused action, it helps you to choose a path and stick to it. Promotes harmony and clears and confusion.


Sodalite - Calms a busy mind helping you focus on one thing at a time, helps clear communication with those you care about. Brings out your empathic and compassionate side which can sometimes be hidden.


Black Agate - Supports with energy and strength, encourages positivity and dispels negativity. Protective and grounding soothes a sometimes impulse and quick to temper side.


Lapis Lazuli - Stabilises numerous thoughts helping you to focus and achieve goals. Brings truth and wisdom, opens focused communication helping yoto speak your truth with but with wisdom.


Amethyst – Helps a Sagittarian practice stillness and get out of their head and into a peaceful spiritual realm.  Calms an anxious side, settles a frantic mind which is forever scanning.


Tigers Eye - Strengthens Sagittarians who are naturally driven people and brings new opportunities to the forefront.  


Blue Topaz – Clears the mind of cluttered clouded thoughts, helps you speak the truth and avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding between friends and family. Emits a lovely calming energy perfect for those who can become a bit over excited.


Obsidian  highlights any unwanted traits, bringing them to the surface helping you to moderate when necessary.


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