Introduction to Luna Rose Quartz Meaning, Properties and Uses

Introduction to Luna Rose Quartz Meaning, Properties and Uses

Luna Rose Quartz

Luna Rose Quartz crystal is a rare form of rose quartz found only in one place in Namibia Africa.  Soft dusky shades of pink and grey make this crystal stand out from traditional rose quartz, this is thought to be due to trace elements of graphite being present in the mineral.   With a slightly more spiritual connection the graphite in these pieces aids with commnucaition helping you to express your thoughts and feelings both verbally and though writing.  A creative stone ideal for anyone who writes or studies.  

Luna rose rose quartz also as you would expect processes all the properties of rose quartz, the unconditional love, the balance and compassion in love and relationships and the calming effect it has on both mind, body and spirit.   These two elements combined I believe makes this a lovely stone for grief, depression and periods of low mood or self doubt, helping you to speak up and find a path forward.

Once this crystal is gone that may well be it.

  • Chakra - Heart
  • Zodiac Sign - Taurus & Libra

Luna Rose Quartz Tumble Stones

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