Introduction to Labradorite Meaning, Properties and Uses

Introduction to Labradorite Meaning, Properties and Uses

LabradoriteFor protection and transformation Labradorite tumble stones are said to guard against negative energy of all kinds, eliminate bad habits & thought patterns allowing you to balance emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Its also used in energy healing and chakra balancing, healing with labradorite reduces stress and anxiety and calms an over active mind.

Physically Labradorite is thought to be beneficial to the lungs assisting with respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, and colds. It assists in digestion and metabolism, can be soothing during menstruation, for PMS symptoms, and for pain relief.

Labradorite crystal lowers blood pressure, reduces sensitivity to cold, and alleviates rheumatism and gout. Labradorite also encourages an open mind, imagination and motivation.

  • Chakra - Throat, Crown
  • Zodiac -All
  • Element - Water

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