Introduction to Kyanite Meaning, Properties and Uses

Introduction to Kyanite Meaning, Properties and Uses


Communication - Manifestation - Intuition - Tranquility - Truth

Blue Kyanite crystal is a powerful energy amplifier, it carries a intense spiritual vibration that encourages self expression and open communication.  Use kyanite for meditation and it creates a calm and tranquil space opening your intuition and assisting you to become balanced and centred.

In the bedroom raw blue kyanite promotes peaceful sleep, eliminating stress and physical fatigue, so you wake more refreshed and rested.  Rough blue kyanite is an excellent stone for your collection as it aligns all seven chakras.

Ideal for a workplace these gorgeous pieces of rough Kyanite inspire fairness, fight destructive thoughts, aid focus & memory, & promote loyalty.  This beautiful blue natural crystal highly spiritual energy, it's helpful to enhance psychic abilities, so is ideal as a mediation stone and for crystal healing sessions.

Kyanite does not like water or salt.

Raw Kyanite statement pieces

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