International Womens Day - Focusing on Crystals for Women & Girls

International Womens Day - Focusing on Crystals for Women & Girls

fabulous crystals for women on international womens day

Fantastic Crystals for Women on International Womens Day

It's international women's day tomorrow (March 8th 2023) and so I thought I'd celebrate just how amazing women are with a guide on some fantastic crystals which can help support women while they continue to be awesome.

Women are the ultimate multi taskers we often juggle work, children, a social life and maybe even study at the same time which can leave us rather exhausted and in need of some personal relaxation time.  

So a few crystals to help soothe a frazzled mind for a lady:

Amethyst- A crystal known to calm the mind and relieve stress, amethyst is often useful place in a bedroom to hep with a a good nights restful sleep.  Placed on the third eye chakra for mediation or relaxation can induce a sense of balance and mental clarity.

Blue Lace Agate- A crystal with a calming vibration that attracts peace and harmony.  It is a beautiful healing stone that promotes emotional stability, confidence and clarity.  Placed in the bathroom or held whilst in a warm relaxing bath to create a soothing environment.

Lepidolite - If your feeling overwhelmed lepidolite crystal is a great choice to help soothe the mind and calm mental chatter. 


A bit of protection doesn't do anyone any harm and especially if your an empath or a very giving person like me, you can find yourself absorbing other peoples emotions or being over controlled by your own, here's some crystals to help.

Black Tourmaline - One of the most powerful protection crystals black tourmaline carries a grounding energy that brings a deep sense of balance and stability.  This crystal dissolves negative energy from its environment, creating a tranquil space of healing.

Hematite - A stone of protection and balance hematite is said to bring balance to mind, the body and emotions.  This crystal enhances willpower and courage and is especially useful for those that lack confidence.  Working together with black tourmaline its apowerful prevent of negative energy, place a piece in any room to prevent negativity.

Prehnite - A crystal that heals the healer healing to ensure your own energy reserves are maintained whilst helping or caring for others. 

If this sounds like you our empath protection crystal bracelet  might be just what you need.


As ladies and young ladies we all have to deal with hormones and the monthly cycle which changes over the years. There are a number of healing stones which help with the reproductive system and balances hormones, a few are given here:

Carnelian - A crystal that energises the female body, balancing the reproductive system, regulating the menstrual cycle and relieving menstrual cramps.  Carnelian is believed to have a positive effect on fertility and may help improve conception, for menopause its thought to calm hot flushes and calm other system by balancing hormones.

Moonstone (white) - Moonstone crystal is another lovely stone choice for balancing and regulating hormones and has many similar properties to carnelian.  Moonstone also has a calming and soothing effect especially helpful for mood swings and emotional stress experienced by some during the menopause.

Unakite - One for mums to be as it's said to be excellent for promoting a healthy pregnancy and labour, supporting mum and baby to bond.  


If anyone is in need of a little confidence, courage, prosperity or abundance here's some great choices, citrine, aventurinefire quartz, jade, tigers eye, clear quartz, sunstone and pyrite.

Rose quartz is of course the master crystal for love, whether that be loving yourself, love in a relationship or finding new love carry a piece with you at all times to feel the love.  Our small rose quartz hearts are perfect for carrying in your pocket or even your bra.

LOVE yourself ladies you are amazing!

Sal x

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