How to choose, use, cleanse and charge your crystals.

How to choose, use, cleanse and charge your crystals.

When you're new to crystal healing it can difficult to know where to start! How do I choose the right crystal? How do I use my crystals? How do I cleanse my crystals? These are all questions I get asked often by folks that are new to crystal healing so I've pulled together a short guide for getting started with crystal healing.

How do I choose the right crystal?

Choosing a crystal is a very personal thing - not everyone is drawn to every crystal’s energy. Here are a few tips to help you when you're choosing your first crystals or looking to add to your crystal collection


• Touch and hold the crystal if you can. If you can’t do this, maybe because you're buying online from our crystal healing shop then start with choosing a colour or shape that you are drawn towards or let your intuition guide you. This is one of our favourite ways because you may have an instant connection with a crystal. When you're browsing online, pick the crystals which resonate with you or just that catch your eye. The energies or connections could have a meaning or purpose for you that have yet to recognise in your conscious!
• Look for and select a crystal based on something that you are currently struggling with, energy levels, concentration, physical or emotional well-being. For example, Lepidolite or Amethyst are popular stones for those suffering with stress or anxiety, whereas blue Aventurine is thought to aid with neck tensions and headaches

• Choose a crystal in support of something that your desire, to lose weight, gain strength, increased success or elevate your earnings. If you want success, choose a crystal that is about abundance and finances, such as Citrine or Amazonite. If it’s love you want, opt for a stone like Rose Quartz or Rhodonite that is all about loving yourself self-esteem and attracting love

If you're looking for inspiration start here


How do I use my crystals?


No matter where you are on your crystal journey or how many crystals you have in your collection, I am regularly asked how should I be using them for best effect? 


There is no one preferred or prescribed method for using crystals, whether they be polished or raw, big or small, ultimately, it’s whatever works for you! Choose a method that you feel comfortable with, if you are not relaxed or something doesn’t feel natural then you'll not be in the right state of mind to connect with or feel the healing vibrations of your crystals.


Crystal stones should ideally be used in a way that maximises their benefits to enable daily wellbeing. Here’s a little help to get you started with some suggestions that you could considered, the how or where crystals are able to assist and support you


• Firmly but gently hold them whenever you want support or reassurance - don’t squeeze the life out of your crystals or you will tighten up and create tension in your muscles. Similarly, try not to be too loose that you relax so much that you loosen your hold and drop them either
• Your stones can be placed on the corresponding chakra during a meditation or an area that’s causing you pain or discomfort
• I encourage you to regularly use your crystals, build them into your daily routine and include them in your meditations or your yoga practice.
• Pop a crystal into your bra for daily support, just remember it’s there at the end of the day!
• Wear crystals in a bracelet - combining several energies for maximum impact - keeping them in touch with your skin all day.
• For small crystals and chips place a piece into your handbag, wallet, pocket or purse. A great idea for crystals to boost confidence, energy, success, communication etc.
• Some crystals can be placed in your bath water, (carefully checking your chosen crystal first). As an alternative to placing them in the water place them on the edge of the bath adjacent to your body, perhaps with a couple of candles to assist with your relaxation.
• If you can personalise your workspace place a couple of crystals on your bench or desk. As an alternative place several in a bowl or glass dish. Large crystal pieces, such as towers or spheres can be placed around your home the in places where you relax, meditate or sleep.
• For the ultimate relaxation try adding your crystals to a base with essentials oils for a lovely room spray, aromatherapy roller ball or skin tonic or place them on the top of candles to add that little bit of luxury.
• There is the option to infuse your crystals via a non-direct method into drinking water. A word of warning though, this carries risk if not done correctly or with the right crystals so check your method with regards to your chosen crystal first.  You can also makes essences with your crystals but you would be to source directions on this as we're not covering this here

When and how should I cleanse and charge my crystals?


Ideally, when you first get your crystals home you should take the time to cleanse the crystals of any energies that could have been picked up before coming into your life. All of our crystals are cleansed before they are sent to you. Another time to consider cleansing your crystals is when you need a positive energy boost, keep your crystals positively charged to support you. Consider a monthly routine, regular cleansing means they are optimised, fully charged and ready to support when you need them most.


There are several ways to cleanse and charge your crystals


• Place your crystals where they can bask in the light of a full moon or the sun.  Be aware that some crystals will fade over time in the sun.


• Place your crystals under fresh running water to cleanse and energize them. This method is not suitable for porous stones such as celestite or kyanite.
• Smudge your crystals, immerse them in the smoke of a burning sage stick or palo santo wood.
• An alternative is to place your crystals under the soil, buried a couple of inches below the surface for 24 hours. This allows the earth to absorb any unwanted energy and refresh the crystals.
• Use a cleansing crystal. For example, you can lay your crystals on a selenite plate as selenite carries a powerful cleansing and purifying energy.

Once you have chosen, cleansed and charged your crystals you’re ready to use them to enhance your daily life don’t forget to set your intentions with them to get the maximum benefits!

I do hope you've found this a useful beginners guide to choosing, using, cleansing and charging your healing crystals - if you have any questions please get in touch

Love Sal xxx

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