How to use your crystal tumble stones?

How to use your crystal tumble stones?

How do I use my tumble stones?

A question that many of my customers ask when they are new to crystals. I thought I’d do a quick post on it to help.

  1. Whether its a set of stones or individual stones you can carry all or some of them with you either in a pocket or bag or even in your bra. (Useful type as the crystals are in contact with the body.)

  2. If it’s for sleep or relaxation then place your crystals  by the bed to create a peaceful space for sleeping.

  3. For meditation, holding stones can be useful when channeling blocked or negative energy out of the body.

  4. Some stones can be placed in the bath during bathing. First check that they will not dissolve or react with the water

  5. Some crystals can be used to make crystal water, together with essential oils a room spray can be created.

  6. Selecting suitable stones and placing them on the chakras can help during meditation to clear and enable energy flow through the body.

  7. Placed throughout the home certain stones can keep the house a happy, safe, calming place by dispelling negative energies.

Just some ideas to inspire you. If you have questions please ask! The set in the photo is our popular anxiety set.  Happy crystalling.

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