Healing crystals for grief

Healing crystals for grief

Content warning - baby loss

It's National Grief Awareness Week and while grief might be a subject we sometimes find difficult to talk about it's so important that we do.  

I recently had a lady come to me that had sadly lost her baby at five days old and was now pregnant again. Understandably, she was incredibly anxious and wanted a bespoke crystal healing set to support her. 

These are the crystals I put together for her with an explanation of how each one may support her.

Labradorite – Calms over thinking, stress, worry and anxiety. Guards against negative energy, eliminates bad habits and thought patterns. Promotes personal growth and inner strength allowing you to develop and transform both emotionally and spiritually.

Red Jasper – Nurturing stone, grounding and peaceful energy brings balance and unity, reduces stress and anxiety, increases energy and encourages willpower and self-confidence.

Green Moss Agate – Brings hope for new beginnings, evokes a quiet, calming and peaceful energy which helps with stability and balance in your life. Assists midwives, lessening pain and promoting a good birth. Releases fear and emotional blockages promoting increased hope for new beginnings. Removes negativity.

Carnelian – Supportive, balances mind and body, heals and eases fears. Carries a powerful energy of stability and strength, eliminates emotional fatigue, encouraging you to feel more inspired and energetic throughout the day. Stimulates, balances and heals reproductive system, brings energy and vitality. Supportive of new mothers by easing fears of parenting. As a protector stone, it will help guard you against bad thoughts and emotions that can arise during pregnancy.

Unakite - Confidence, patience and courage, builds bond with baby when placed on belly and aids birthing process. It opens your Heart chakra to embrace the new love that is on the way.

Green Aventurine - Attracts positivity into your life, it's soothing energy keeping you clear headed, happy and confident. Protects against EMF and environmental pollutants. A very protective stone during pregnancy, it wards off miscarriage, soothes the soul, regulates your energy, and opens your heart and ready to receive.

Lepidolite – A lovely calming stone, eliminates feelings of anxiety and depression, soothes, attracting happiness and light-heartedness while promoting positive mindset of gratitude and abundance. Helpful for letting go of emotions that hold you back.

Sunstone – Stone of optimism, symbolising the warmth and strength of the sun, brings self-empowerment, creativity and vitality. Protects from negative energies promotes abundance in all areas of your life.

The following stones were recommended in this set but weren't included as the client already had them

Malachite - The midwives stone, facilitates a safe childbirth, eases cramps, absorbs negative energy, stimulates contractions and assists labour.

MOONSTONE - Soothing, calms fears, believed to aid contractions and lactation, returns balance post pregnancy

ROSE QUARTZ- The stone of love, enhances mother and baby bond, useful for pain relief, powerful stress reliever for mother and baby, open your heart to unconditional love.

For those that believe in the healing power of crystals the benefits can be enormous. If you are interested in a bespoke crystal healing consultation please get in touch or find more information here

You can find more information on National Grief Awareness Week here 

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