Beginners Guide to Essential Oils for Sleep

Beginners Guide to Essential Oils for Sleep

From someone who struggles to sleep, I truly believe that if we get a good nights sleep we can conquer the world and subsequently do so much better the following day. So, if like me, you’re  someone who strives to combat restless nights, sleeplessness and insomnia, here are some wonderful aromas and fragrant essential oils which can help.




Lavender is the most well-known and popular oil for sleep and relaxation, said to calm the nerves by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature. Easily diluted to be suitable for both adults and children, it’s a wonderful choice to help you drift into a restful sleep.




When diffused in the air, the subtle aroma of chamomile has a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind, ideal also for calming an overactive restless mind it calms worry and enables you to slip into a restful sleep.




Cedarwood essential oil has a pleasant, smokey aroma, which has a sedative effect said to calm stress and soothe scattered thoughts - fantastic when blended with chamomile and diffused in a bedroom.


Clary Sage


Clary Sage is a natural sedative which can help you fall asleep and stay asleep naturally. Shown to naturally reduce the levels of hormones associated with stress it helps you to calm ready for a good nights sleep.  Calm negative thoughts, depression and over analytical thinking. 




Bergamot is a light and uplifting fragrance belonging to the citrus family. It helps slow the heart rate and reduce feelings of anxiety, quelling negative thoughts and despondency. No wonder people use it for sleep.

If you're looking for essential oils to help you sleep, these are my recomendations. You can use essential oils in lots of different ways including putting a few drops in your bath, in a burner and in massage oil to name just a few. Always check the directions before use.

A number of our bracelets incorporate lava beads which, due to their porosity, can absorb drops of essential oils into the bead with the fragrant scent of the oils gently diffused.  For an example see our Sleep and Insomnia crystal bracelet.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments,

Sal xxx

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