Crystals to Support Weight Loss

Crystals to Support Weight Loss

Crystals to Support During Weight Loss

Crystals to Support Weight Loss

Everyone who has tried knows that losing weight is not easy and indeed as we age it only gets harder.  Weight loss is such a complex issue with everyone who tries, all will have different hurdles both mentally and physically to jump over to try and make their ideal weight.   Issues such as a disability or injury which slows down your ability to exercise, a mental health problem which may cause you to comfort eat more than you'd like or a physically or genetic problem which makes losing weight even more of a mountain to climb. 

This is just a few of the reasons many each year struggle to drop those pounds.  With all this in mind we have a few options from a healing crystals perspective to try and support your personal journey through weight loss.

In a balanced approach to supporting during a diet or weight loss program the crystals which you may find useful include:

IOLITE - Releases accumulated fatty deposits cleansing the liver, energising and balancing the body and encouraging you to cut out unhealthy habits.  Detoxes the body and helps you to take charge of your own body.

SUSTONE - Boosts willpower and energy, brings sunshine into your life and boosts metabolism.  Raises your confidence and focus ensuring you stay on path when you may be faltering. 


SODALITE - Encourages healthy choices, positivity and personal power. Sodalite crystal increases alertness and calms cravings.  

LEPIDOLITE- Calms anxiety and stress, meditate with lepidolite crystal to assist weight loss and unmask any unhappiness which might be causing comfort eating.    Find your strong emotional centre and self dependancy with this healing crystal restoring balance.


ROSE QUARTZ - A really important crystal to have to hand to cut out the negative self talk and instead raise feelings of self love and self worth.   Give yourself a little compassion and love to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


BLUE APATITE - Apatite is said to reduce hunger pangs and encourage better choices when it comes to food.  For someone who suffers with confidence apatite is a crystal to help you feel more at east in social settings, boosting confidence and again calms cravings.

HEMATITE - Conquers over indulgence, grounding stone brings focus to your endeavours.


TOURMALINE - A healing crystal for the digestion, it boosts the immune system giving the body an important bit of TLC.  A good grounding stone it works well with the root chakra helping you to feel safe with a sense of wellbeing.  

SELENITE - A truly versatile crystal, selenite assists with clarity of thinking and the making of better choices, its helps you to let go of any past traumas or emotions that no longer serve you and which might be causing you to comfort eat.  This crystal is also able to strength the body, help reduce cell damage and  its able to cleanse your other crystals so a win win. 


Some ways you can incorporate these gorgeous healing crystals into your everyday routines.

  1. Wear them as jewellery
  2. Place your crystals in water and drink the crystal infusion (make sure your chosen crystal is not toxic when placed in water)
  3. Use your crystals during a chakra balancing meditation
  4. Place your crystals in around the home so they can charge your space with positive energy
  5. Keep your crystals close by when you workout
  6. In or by the bath when you are relaxing

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