Crystals For Travelling, Gap Years and Moving Abroad

Crystals For Travelling, Gap Years and Moving Abroad

Crystals For Travelling

After a few tough years the world is finally opening up again and it's now possible to get on the move and see our wonderful planet.  

The amount of people heading off on gap years, moving abroad or just having some amazing long holidays is increasing again, so I thought it was time to talk a bit about useful crystals to take with you on an adventure.

Obviously for any trip especially a backpacking one space is a premium so with that in mind I suggest tumblestones or a gemstone bracelet are the most space effective items to take and ones which can be kept close or on your person at all times.  I've recently designed a bracelet in gorgeous tones of browns, bronzes, oranges and turquoise which is both a beautiful beaded crystal bracelet on it's on but which has been compiled especially for a man or a woman who's off travelling.

The crystals I've included are some of my favourites but not all the crystals which are said to be useful when travelling or driving.   So some of my favourite crystals for travelling include:


Possibly one of the oldest and most revered stones it's been used for centuries as a talismans for protection and purification due to its powerful energy to guard against negative forces.  It has a strong healing vibration that instils calm, bringing emotional stability and relief when you're feeling anxious.  A stone of communication and truth turquoise is particularly useful aiding clear communication, self expression, wisdom and speaking your truth.  

If struggling with exhaustion, mental confusion or panic turquoise is the ideal stone to carry with you, which I think makes its perfect for anyone travelling.


Carnelian carries a powerful energy of stability, security and strength, if you're feeling insecure which can be the case when travelling in unfamiliar surroundings its a good crystal to have in your pocket.  Known to increase energy, motivation and vitality, carnelian protects against accidents and injuries, whilst bringing a deep sense of warmth, happiness and wellbeing.  Affordable carnelian chip bracelet

Smoky Quartz

One of the most powerful stones for protection, smoky quartz, is a strong detoxifier removing toxic or negative energies from your surroundings.  Smokey quartz also carries a healing and grounding vibration bringing a sense of stability and calm during times of stress.   Known as a stone which can filter out negative energies of all kinds helping to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, fear or jealousy.  


Said to prevent accidents or to soothe those who struggle with a fear of flying malachite is a stone of growth and personal transformation.  A stone of protection malachite guards against negativity whilst attracting abundance and positive energy into all areas of your life.  A lovely stone for calmness malachite will calm the mind bringing a deep sense of harmony and balance.  Helping your body to adjust to change that travelling through time zones brings malachite whilst opening you up to change in your life as well.  Check our our lovely quality genuine malachite tumble stones 


With a lovely deep red lustre garnet is also often called a travellers stone as it's often given as a travel gift to ensure the travellers safety until they return home.  A powerful energising stone it's known to bring emotional balance and vitality, encouraging independence and self confidence, creativity and passion for others and life.

Our brand new design travel crystal bracelet is now available at £21, take a look here.

As always please consult a medical professional if you have concerns the information given here is from historical use and my knowledge of these crystals and should never be used instead of seeking medical advice.

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