Crystals for Menopause

Crystals for Menopause

Menopause has been in the news and media a lot recently, and thanks to in part to Davina McCall the long term challenging symptoms that women can experience are finally being talked about, understood and hopefully managed so that us wonderful ladies can once again enjoy life to the full.

To complement the HRT and holistic approaches that so many find helpful, The Holistic Hamper has a menopause crystal set, currently one of our most popular sets it contains six good sized quality tumble stones of Citrine, Lapis Lazuli, Hematite, Carnelian, Amethyst and Moonstone each one said to help calm the unpleasant changes that take place as ladies reach what should be a freeing stage in their lives.  The is also a guide to Essential Oils that offer benefits to during those menopause years

I've included more detail below on the contents of the set together with a number of complimentary essential oils, which when used as a massage oil or in an oil burner can also be tremendously beneficial (and smell nice too).

  • Amethyst - For calming the mind.  Admired for centuries Amethyst is a powerful healing and cleansing stone and is particular used for calming mental health conditions such as, irritability, low mood, anxiety and mild depression, which sadly can walk hand in hand with the menopause.  Amethyst is also a great protective stone helping to dispel fear or anger as our body make the change whilst also assisting with sleep and insomnia.
  • Carnelian - For stability and strength.  Carnelian carries a powerful energy of strength it increases vitality and courage while bringing a deep sense of warmth and wellbeing.  Carnelian works closely with the reproductive system soothing as it goes, providing an energy boost and Emotional balance, place this crystal on the sacral chakra to assist personal power.
  • Citrine - For happiness.  Citrine brings a bright warm energy as its the stone of happiness and success.  Known for its ability to attract joy  it can also be used as a cleansing stone to clear away negative energy from the environment.  Aids hot flushes/flashes.
  • Lapis Lazuli - For Intuition and concentration.  I know personally that concentration and the ability to make decisions is compromised during the menopause so I added lapis.  Lapis Lazuli helps you to remain focused while increasing your concentration and clearing the mind of distractions and stress.  Lapis is also an effective stone in the bedroom when peaceful sleep is lacking.  Also said to help with communication and calm fear in stressful situations.
  • Moonstone - For peace and healing.  Considered a protection, peace and healing stone, moonstone carries a nurturing feminine energy that calms making it a powerful support crystal for women bringing harmony to mind and emotions.
  • Hematite - For protection and balance.  A grounding stone hematite is said to regulate temperature and circulation, cooling those annoying and distruptive night time Essential Oils.  Useful for those who lack confidence in themselves calming stress and anxiety helping you to feel more comfortable in your changing body.crystals

There's also a handmade to fit menopause crystal bracelet if you prefer to wear your crystals.

menopause crystal bracelet

Essential oils as options include:-

Clary Sage Essential Oil for Exhaustion, insomnia, depression, muscle relaxant, negativity & stress

Sandalwood 5% Essential Oil for Fear, irritability, sensitivity, worry, self expression.

As a special offer I have created a discount when the above set and the menopause bracelets are purchased together, drop some hints now or just go on and treat yourself!!  You know you deserve it.  I hope this helps and a massive good luck with your journey.


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