The Perfect Crystals for a Happy Healthy 2023

The Perfect Crystals for a Happy Healthy 2023

The Perfect Crystals for a Happy Healthy 2023

It's nearly Christmas and once the presents have be opened and the turkey eaten we all look to the coming year with hope and fresh intentions for the best possible start.  With that in mind here's some recommendations for crystals to have in your pocket for the year ahead.

Setting Intentions

The start of a new year can for some come with new years resolutions, that moment when you plan on doing things differently or making changes to your life going forward.  Sadly though these changes often don't last because it relies on us depriving ourselves of something or not valuing who we really are.  So for 2023 its time for you, time to do things that will make you shine and heres some crystals for that.

Love for Yourself and Others (love you are you are)

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and that is not just for others but ourselves too.  Use rose quartz crystal during meditation to align the heart chakra, calm and soothe the mind, body and soul.   if you're looking for romance or to harmonise an existing relationship rose quartz is also ideal to have in your life,  Place a piece by your bed for restful rejuvenating sleep or in your bathroom when your having a peaceful you time bath.  Rose quartz is a fantastic crystal to have in your home to create a calming atmosphere.

Rose quartz

Rhodonite crystal is the stone of compassion and a wonderful emotional healer clearing away wounds and scars from the past.  Cleaning and activating the heart chakra helping you to forgive and move forward with self worth.

Positivity for 2023

There is so much going on in the world right now that its tough to remain positive, so to assist here are some crystals for positivity, courage and confidence in 2023.


A wonderful cheerful warm colour citrine radiates joy and positive energy promoting happiness and personal power.  Connected to the solar plexus and sacral chakra, when these chakras are blocked you can feel overwhelmed and struggle with confidence.  Once balanced you are able to push back negative energy and grow in personal power and self esteem, perfect positivity crystal for a new year.

Tigers Eye 

Tigers eye crystal balances the root chakra and allows you to feel grounded, it's a fantastic crystal for good luck, prosperity and success.  A wonderful confidence boosting crystal that supports when you're stepping outside your comfort zone, opening your life up to new challenges and experiences, bringing the joy.  Feel more empowered, decisive and learn to trust your judgement for a positive 2023 with tigers eye.

Tigers Eye


A wonderful stone to bring good luck and fortune, sunstone crystal brings the sun into your life and energises all the chakras, heightening your intuition, dispelling fear and calming a stressed mind.  Sunstone crystal fosters self worth, independence and optimism, so I thought it was a wonderful healing crystal to bring all these positive attributes for 2023.

Our positive energy, protection and happiness crystal sets can be found here.

Personal Time, Yoga, Meditation & Visualisation

Something im not very good at is carving out time for me, to work on my self love and happiness so if your are taking up yoga, trying meditation or visualisation here are some crystals to enhance your practice.

Clear Quartz

You can enhance the beneficial effects of your practice by placing crystals around the space where you practice.  Clear quartz crystal is the master healer and a powerful energy amplifier, place a piece near you during your practice to benefit from its power.  

Clear Quartz


Its winter and cold, its the time of year for flu, coughs and colds and generally feeling chilly and tired due in part to the reduced sunlight and the weather.  Boosting your immune system and taking care of ourselves is important, a few crystals thought to aid the immune system include Malachite, Amethyst, Bloodstone, Golden Healer, Orange Calcite and Green Moss Agate.  

Orange Calcite


Negative energy and energy vampires are real especially if you are an empath and feel other peoples negative energies and emotions.  Crystals black or dark in colour are the most beneficial ones to protect you from negativity they include black tourmaline, black obsidian, smokey quartz and the lovely green prehnite.  Our popular empath protection bracelet is ideal if you are a sensitive empath.

empath protection bracelet

This is just a snapshot of the crystals which can help you in 2023 be more postivie, proactive and prosperous.  As always the information given about crystals is taken from historic use and my personal knowledge, it should never be used instead of consulting a medical professional.

Have a happy healthy 2023 and above all do things that make you smile.

Sally x


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