Crystals for anxiety & stress

Crystals for anxiety & stress

Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

If you are feeling stressed and anxious, you are not alone! Typically 10-15% of the population are experiencing emotional responses to external influence such as the pace of modern-day life, relationship worries, work of financial concerns. These stress triggers can be short term such as a work or college deadline, a disagreement with loved one or even a road rage event.  

The opposite of stress is relaxation and those experiencing stress are more likely to have combination of disrupted sleep, digestive issues, and muscle pain. All of which can lead to fatigue, anger, irritability, and a mix of physical and mental symptoms.

Anxiety can lead to the occurrence of similar symptoms when a person experiences repetitive or excessive worries but without an obvious trigger. Research studies have shown that negative feelings i.e. a lack of hope, a lack of trust or a lack of self-confidence and inner strength can underpin feelings of anxiety, often leading to insomnia, concentration lapses, fatigue, muscle aches and irritability.

Coping mechanism for both mild anxiety and stress can include physical activity, hobbies, a varied and nutritional diet, mental and physical relaxation routines all leading to a general relaxation of the mind and body and a more hygienic sleep routine­­­­. Other coping mechanism are available and can be found NHS website. At this point it’s essential to point out that if the stress or anxiety is affecting mood or ability to undertake normal day to day functions help and guidance should be sought from a GP or other trusted health professional, if left untreated some stresses and anxiety disorders can lead to longer term health and well-being issues.

Personally, I can empathise with those seeking relief from the modern-day epidemic of stress and anxiety having experienced and seen the symptoms in both friends and loved ones. The effect on the individuals and their families can be exhausting. I have found that a holistic approach helps to relieve the symptoms - exercise, healthy eating, drinking water, herbal supplements, aromatherapy and meditation. There is evidence that some ancient civilisations used meditation and aromatherapy to aid relaxation and others believed that including the use of crystals can bring about a balanced life.

Over millennia various cultures have recorded the use of crystals to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, typically holding the crystals or by placing them on areas of the body.

There are several natural crystals that can be used in conjunction with meditation for stress and anxiety. I have listed below eight crystals that, when used either alone or in combination, are said to help provide relief leading to inner peace and a more balanced emotional state.  Please note that crystals and their use are not a promise of a cure but descriptions, based upon traditional use and my understanding of their use, assist in finding peace and tranquillity. Crystals should never be used as an alternative to seeking a medical opinion.

The eight crystals listed below are those recommended by crystal practitioners to provide general support and relief for the mind and body:-

  • AMETHYST – is said to balances emotional extremes by reducing the affects of stress on the body and mind
  • GREEN AVENTURINE – is believed to attract luck and abundance, aids emotional trauma, eliminates negativity
  • KUNZITE – is promoted as a crystal that encourages self-expression, inner peace and confidence, eases anxiety in social situations
  • LABRADORITE – is a crystal that is said to dispels negativity, provides relief for anxiety, hopelessness and depression and instils perseverance
  • BLACK TOURMALINE – is believed to provide support and helps when overwhelmed, experiencing worry or fear 
  • SODALITE – is a stone crystal that is said to promote inner peace, calms the mind and alleviates panic attacks, releasing tension and fear
  • HEMATITE – is said to be a grounding stone crystal that aids the reduction of depression and anxiety, increases courage and focus thereby easing mental fog
  • ROSE QUARTZ – is recognised as the stone crystal of love, self care and compassion, providing emotional balancing and reducing tension

Whether you’re just starting out, or you already have a formidable bunch of crystal allies in your arsenal, these stones will be a welcome addition to your life and help strengthen your feeling of security, confidence and self-worth.

If you are looking for an attractive piece of crystal jewellery to help you find relief and support from stress and anxiety then we have handmade crystal beaded bracelets that have been designed with a combination of the above crystals with their energies which are believed to provide stress relief and lowered anxiety by providing a calming influence on the mind and body aiding your overall well-being.

If you have an interest in starting or adding to an existing crystal collection and need any assistance visit our crystals store to review our range of crystal shapes, crystal sets and jewellery.  Alternatively, you can purchase a confidential one-to-one sessions to develop a custom crystal set or bracelet to support your specific needs.

Love Sal xxx.

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