Must Have Crystal Books for Crystal Lovers

Must Have Crystal Books for Crystal Lovers

My Favourite Crystal Books for Beginners and Crystal Lovers

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Till now most of my blogs have been about crystals (obviously) but I thought I’d open it up a little to all things holistic, wellbeing and self-care, some of which I don’t sell myself.  

To start with we have crystal books, lots of people ask me about which books they should start with, or specific ones say if they want to start doing crystal grid work.   So, I thought I’d tell you about some of my favourites.  These ones I own myself and I find them all easy to read, in a very user-friendly format.


Crystal books can offer detailed information on the metaphysical properties of different crystals, as well as practical tips for using them in daily life. Some of my favourite crystal books are by well-known authors, including Judy Hall, Philip Permutt, Juliette Thornbury, Kiera Fogg, and Astrid Carvel.


Judy Hall is a prolific author in the field of crystal healing, and her books are considered essential reading for anyone interested in this subject. One of her most popular books is "Crystal Prescriptions Volume 2", published in 2014 it offers a comprehensive guide to over 1,250 healing crystals and their uses and it’s still hard to beat. The book is organized by ailment or issue, making it easy to find the right crystal for a specific need. 

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In addition, Hall's Crystal Bibles Volumes 1-3 are an excellent resource for anyone looking to explore the properties of different crystals in more depth. The books provide detailed information on over 400 different crystals, their properties, and their uses. The Crystal Bibles are organized alphabetically, making it easy to find the right crystal for a specific purpose.


 A newer book by Judy Hall is "Crystal Prescriptions for Prosperity: An A-Z Guide", which offers practical tips for using crystals to attract wealth and abundance. The book covers over 250 crystals and provides information on how to use them to enhance financial prosperity, career success, and personal growth.  A more detailed and focused book, this is one for someone going further into the world of crystal therapy.

Juliette Thornbury's "The Crystal Fix" is a beautifully illustrated book and one of my absolute favourites for beginners, it offers practical advice on using crystals to enhance health and well-being. The book covers a wide range of topics, from choosing and caring for crystals to using them in meditation, massage, and other healing practices. The Crystal Fix is a great resource for anyone looking to incorporate crystals into their daily self-care routine or into their home.

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Philip Permutt's "The Crystal Healer" is another excellent resource for those interested in crystal healing. The book provides a comprehensive guide to using crystals for healing and well-being, including how to select, cleanse, and program crystals for specific purposes. It also includes practical tips for using crystals in meditation, energy work, and everyday life.


Kiera Fogg's "Crystal Gridwork" is a comprehensive guide to using crystals to create grids for healing, manifestation, and spiritual growth. The book provides step-by-step instructions for creating a variety of crystal grids, as well as detailed information on the properties of different crystals and how to select them for specific purposes.

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Finally, a more recent book "The Little Book for Crystal Lovers" by Astrid Carvel is a concise guide to the world of crystals. The book covers everything from the history and mythology of crystals to practical tips for using them in daily life. The book is beautifully illustrated and includes information on over 40 different crystals and their properties.  A perfect beginners crystal book and at only around £7 an ideal starter gift when paired with a crystal set or crystal tower for a birthday present or Christmas gift.


I hope this has helped you in your search for your first crystal book, once you start buying them, you can’t stop, believe me.  I have provided you with links to them all at Amazon as its usually the cheapest place to buy them.  I will get a small commission if you purchase via the link.


Of course, I want you to come back and purchase all your healing crystals and gemstone jewellery on my website though so come back soon.



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