Introduction to Blue Calcite, Meaning, Properties and Uses

Introduction to Blue Calcite, Meaning, Properties and Uses

Blue calcite is known as the stone of communication. Blue calcite is most prized for its ability to help you communicate more clearly, feel less shy and help you find the right words when you're stressed, pressured or put on the spot.  

Blue CalciteBlue calcite stones are beautiful soft healing stones, soothing frayed nerves, reducing anxiety & calming stress, they are also said to awaken your psychic and spiritual abilities, tuning you in to your empathetic side.  It also acts as a balancer when your experiencing someone else's emotional responses, sometimes we can mis read these, blue calcite therefore calms possible over reaction thereby helping friend and partner relationships.

Such qualities make this stone a lovely gently grounding stone perfect for mediation grounding the body and calming the mind, place a piece on the throat or third eye chakra to feel the benefits.  When placed in the home blue calcite provides a protective anti negative shield which when carried with you is also beneficial when travelling.

  • Chakra - Throat, Third Eye
  • Zodiac - Cancer, Leo, LIbra
  • Element - Fire, Air

Pairs well with black stones such as Obsidian or jet for excellent grounding and protection.

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