My Story...

Hello, my name is Sally, a married mother of 2 grown up boys and a dog called Archie. 

The Holistic Hamper brings to the market a personalised offer of crystal bracelets, tumblestones and crystal related products. After struggling with fatigue and chronic pain for a number of years  I started on my own personal journey to a holistic view of self treatment through alternative therapies.  My route, similar to many of my customers, was an individual voyage of discovery that included herbal treatments, aromatherapy, mediation, yoga, holistic therapies and crystal energies.

My interest in crystals started as a child that has developed and matured with greater love and understanding over recent years, which is when I started The Holistic Hamper in 2020. For thousands of years crystals have been used to offer holistic support for emotional needs and spiritual wellbeing for the mind, body and soul. Crystal meditation and healing therapies are believed to offer improvements in vitality, wellness and balance the chakras. 

As an 18 year old I started making and selling handmade jewellery at craft fairs, it was that experience, along with my learning and personal discovery that gave me the confidence to take the next step, to consolidate my knowledge and complementary skills to form The Holistic Hamper.  An opportunity to share my passion, experience and love of crystals with a wider audience.

The Holistic Hamper is focused on bringing to the market a personalised offer (one that I felt was missing) and as a small business owner, who is passionate believer in the power of crystal healing, I wanted to fulfil that niche. To be able to provide a friendly and helpful service to those in need, people, who like me have struggle for a period of time with emotional, mental and physical discomfort, fatigue and chronic pain. Despite the billions of invested in western medicine many hundreds of thousand across world are willing to commence their own personal crystal healing journey. I find that my customers, some of whom don’t know where to start or what to look for will browse our store and will then contact me for help and guidance on our range of products.   

Although I started with a small range of products, time has allowed me to continue to expand and develop my own range of crystal healing bracelets and to bring together a collection of complementary crystal products that I am very proud to promote. I have curated a selection of crystal towers, shapes, spheres and hearts, crystal healing sets, crystal kits in addition to my hand-made, in-house designed and made to order crystal bead bracelets. This all happens in Lincoln, near the Lincoln Minster Cathedral.  I personally design and craft the bracelets in my workshop, with all products being cleansed before shipping.  Customers comment that they can feel the energy from the crystals as soon as they open their box!

I take pride (and probably far too much time) in my crystal research and product design, but I want my customers to appreciate quality products whose characteristics and complementary energies have been selected for inclusion in my crystal gemstone bracelets and crystal sets. I need consistency and quality in my collections and only purchase natural crystals, gemstones and beads from trusted sources from around the world that offer the reliability and consistency I need. 

When I look to purchase crystals in their raw state or as tumble-stones they must be "the right stones, not the cheapest stones" and big enough to hold comfortably.  I regular review my products against other comparable on-line stores to ensure that I am offering value for money, I want to be confident that I am supplying larger high quality stones that ensure customer satisfaction.

A crystal healing gift for you or someone you love

I look upon my products through my customers eyes so my crystal gifts sets are presented in a pretty organza or satin bag; my bracelets are packaged in a presentation box. Both tumble-stone sets and bracelet are  shipped with a printed information card listing the properties of each crystal, a guide which is included in the over all price and not a chargeable optional extra.

Gifts are lovely to receive,  if you are purchasing a gift why not  make it super special by including a personal message? Your purchase can be shipped to their address and include a gift receipt.  Just specify your preference at the check out and we can arrange to ship our gorgeous stones, beaded bracelets and healing crystal sets directly to your friend or loved one. Imagine the delight of opening an unexpected surprise when you’re feeling low or unwell!

Get in touch

If you need guidance or have questions about crystal energies, crystal characteristics or essential oils, or just want more help about buying crystals online please do get in touch! There is no obligation to buy. Should you have any questions or individual custom requirements use the contact pages please and together we can work something out that's perfect for you.  
Making and packing for most items is 1-3 working days within the UK, if ordered before 14:00. For items shipping over seas it takes a little longer.  If you do need something in a hurry, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do. Please allow longer for the design, layout and agreement of custom bracelets as obviously these can take a little longer. Shipments to locations outside of the UK are detailed in the delivery pages of this web site.

Thanks you for supporting my small business,  

love Sal xxx.